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About me

Hi there and welcome to my world!

My name is Kathrin Belotserkovskaya. 

I am a professional photographer, designer, dreamer, mother, nature lover, morning runner, and sometimes even a dollmaker. Originally I am from Moscow, Russia, but since 2023 based in Toronto.

I have been involved in commercial photography for over 11 years, with the majority of my focus dedicated to child, portrait and family photography.


I hold a master degree in costume design, and I have worked as a designer for many years. However, photography has always been a significant part of my life, and one day my beloved hobby turned into my primary occupation.

But my background in design continues to be beneficial to me, as I create some of costumes and accessories for my creative photoshoots myself.

Awards and exhibitions


TOP 35 of the Best Child Photographers worldwide

TOP 70 among Moscow photographers 


Children and family photography exhibition “Emotions”

Photography Exhibition “Faces of love”

children and women photographer in Toronto

Photography vision

I believe that photogrpahy helps us to create a fascinating realm that unveils new dimensions and alternative perspectives on our reality.


Through the lens of my camera, I try to capture not only people but also their emotions, personalities, and the essence of the moment. Each photoshoot serves as an ongoing conversation with the world and the universe, resonating uniquely with each observer.

During a photo session, I love playing with colors and light. They allow to bring out the unique qualities of each shoot and create a special atmosphere in the images.


I find inspiration in the magic of human existence, the captivating wonders of nature, and the rich tapestry of life itself.

Teacher and mentor

Besides photography, I have been mentoring aspiring photographers since 2015. It all began when I launched my first online masterclass focused on retouching and color grading. Since then, many methods and techniques have evolved, but some things have stayed constant: a passion for creating photos and a desire to continually develop and assist others in improving their creative skills.


My social media

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More about photography

If you have any questions or you want to create a photoshoot for yourself contact me:

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