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portrait photoshoot in toronto


Do you work in parks only?

The vast majority of my photoshoots are held outdoors, but I can also work with you at your place or in a photo studio.

How can I book a photoshoot?

Please contact me to discuss the details and schedule a suitable shooting date. To confirm the photoshoot booking, a prepayment of 250 CAD can be made on the website.

I would like to have a photoshoot in my house. Is this possible?

Yes, it is. I love creating photoshoots in people's homes; it adds life and interest to the process, making the photos more valuable. However, not every place is suitable for a photoshoot. In any case, I will ask you to send me photos of your place to help me make a decision.

I want to arrange a photoshoot for two girls. Which package should I select?

If the girls are under 18 years old, you can choose either the portrait package or the family package, depending on the quantity of photos you need.

In what areas do you work?

I work in Toronto and nearby areas.

Can I order a smaller package?

Yes, we can make our photoshoot shorter, but I don’t recommend it to be less than an hour. Even if you need to take only one photo, we still need to spend some time together. Two hours is the optimal amount of time for a portrait or family photoshoot.

Do you conduct confidential photoshoots?

Yes, certainly. As a rule, I don’t post any photos without permission. However, if you prefer, you can let me know if you do not want the results of our shoot posted online. The cost of a confidential photoshoot remains the same.

Is it possible to order additional photo retouching?

Yes, you can order additional retouching.

What size pictures will I receive?

I work with the best up-to-date equipment, and you will receive photos that are suitable for printing and hanging on the walls.

Do you create photobooks?

Yes, you can order a photobook featuring photos from our photoshoots.

Do you print cards, canvas, posters?

Yes, you can order these items additionally using our photoshoot photos.

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