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Every photo shoot starts with some preparation, 

And the overall harmony of the resulting picture greatly depends on the participants' choice of attire during the shoot.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when getting ready for a photo shoot.


One of the key principles in selecting attire is that the outfit should not divert attention from the subjects in the photos!

Girl in the boat. Portrait photographer in Toronto



For outdoor photoshoots, choose clothes that correspond to the natural conditions and mood of the setting. Your attire should blend harmoniously with the environment.


Consider these possible styles: casual, romantic, ethnic, minimalism, eco-style, and safari. Exclude office, business attire, and formal wear, as well as sportswear.

Give preference to natural materials. Textured fabrics, such as cotton, knitwear, velour, linen, wool, drape, velvet, silk, and others, look great on camera.

Wear things that make you feel comfortable!


The colour of clothing should be either neutral (gray, beige, white, milky) or match the color of the location where the shooting is planned.

These can be either similar colours or opposite ones (for example, for shooting in lavender tones, both lavender and yellow will be suitable).


Opt for colours that are not overly vibrant (like bright red or bright blue) but rather more subdued and nuanced, such as coral or sea tones.

Try to limit the use of more than 2-3 main colors.

A more restrained colour palette tends to result in a more straightforward and cohesive photograph. Using various shades of the same colour is also an option.

Children photo in nature. Portrait photographer in High Park
Portrait of a girl with an umbrella.  Photographer in Toronto.



Ensure that patterns and prints on clothing enhance the overall appearance and contribute to the desired aesthetic.

You can incorporate small floral patterns, lace, and subtle prints that harmonize with the overall design of the outfit. 

It's advisable not to use bold, large patterns, fine stripes, or prints that may introduce unwanted distractions in the photo. This includes contrasting color spots, stripes, and text, unless they contribute a specific meaning to your photo idea.


Avoid black in nature photoshoots.

This color is quite common in everyday clothing, but for shoots, it should be used very cautiously. For example, if you're planning a shoot in a dark studio with low key lighting. I do not recommend using it for outdoor photo sessions.

If there are several people participating in the shoot, it's important that everyone's clothing combines harmoniously in both color and style.

If you are planning to shoot in a studio or other location, choose colors and clothing style based on the interior.


Accessories can complement your look.

Be careful when using accessories. The absence of unnecessary details is better than having too much! The same applies to wreaths, headbands, tiaras, and other 'decorations'.


A prop can be any thing that complements the image or tells a story about you.


It can be:


  • flowers,

  • balloons,

  • soap bubbles,

  • candles,

  • lanterns

  • favorite book,

  • some kind of toy and much more.


Pay attention to the color of the props - it’s good if it also matches the clothes and location!

Magical night outdoor photoshoot in Toronto. Rusiian portrait photographer in Toronto


For the shoot, opt for slightly brighter makeup than your usual look (for adults).

You can either apply makeup yourself or enlist the services of a makeup artist. Ensure that the makeup isn't overly evening or dramatic.

Choose a hairstyle that complements the overall image. For portrait or family photo shoots, consider curls or light styling for the best effect.


Eliminate complex procedures with your appearance the day before the shoot.

Avoid excessive tanning in a solarium and skip cosmetic procedures that could potentially impact your skin adversely (such as facial cleansing, peeling, etc.).

Take care of your manicure; a natural look works best. Nude colors, French tips, or colors that match your clothing are all acceptable.

Ensure you get a good night's sleep before the shoot!


Avoid scheduling any events before the shoot, even if photoshoot is in the evening.

Arrive on time for the shoot, but try not to be too early; 10-15 minutes ahead is sufficient to get ready. 

For shoots involving children, ensure you have a light snack, water, and wet wipes prepared.


Relax! A positive mood is the most important aspect of any shoot!

If you have any questions about preparations, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'll be happy to help. Keeping in mind that we share a common goal to make your photoshoot a beautiful and remarkable experience!

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