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Welcome to my space!

My name is Kathrin Belotserkovskaya (Kate BLC).

I'm a professional photographer, designer, dreamer.

Here, you can see some of my latest works as well as day-to-day photos of my life. I'm in love with photography, and I don't mean it only in a professional way. It's something inside of me that compels me to take photos again and again, trying to understand, feel, and preserve the uniqueness of this world.

I love experiments and always try to discover new realms and dimensions through the lens of the camera.

I have about 10 years of work experience as a commercial photographer, with the majority of my focus dedicated to child, portrait, and family photography. However, I also love nature photography and never limit myself when I want to capture something different. I aim to capture emotions, personalities, and the magical essence of each moment.

My family and I moved to Toronto in May 2023, but I'm originally from Moscow, Russia, and most of my pictures were taken there.

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