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Welcome to my new photography site!

Explore beautiful photos, learn the art of capturing magic in your own photos or take part in the photoshoots! 



Kate BLC

Hello, my name is Kathrin Belotserkovskaya. I am a professional photographer, designer, dreamer, mother, nature lover, morning runner, and sometimes even a dollmaker. 

Originally I am from Russia, currently based in Toronto.


I believe that everyone has an innate creative light yearning to be unveiled, and photography helps us do that, whether we prefer being in front of or behind the camera. 


Photography opens new fascinating realms, dimensions and alternative perspectives on our reality. Through the lens of my camera, I capture not only people but also their emotions, personalities, and the essence of the moment.


Each photoshoot serves as an ongoing conversation with the world and the universe, resonating uniquely with each observer.

Contact me

Toronto, ON, Canada

+1 (437) 667-7438

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