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Hello spring! 🌸🌷

Even though in Canada spring officially starts towards the end of March, for me, today marks the beginning of a beautiful awakening.

spring photographer

spring tulips photography

In photography, there's always been this elusive element that I can't quite master, no matter how hard I try. Surprisingly, it's not about putting in more effort; rather, it's about being open to its presence. It's like a magical feeling that comes and goes as it pleases, unpredictable and enchanting.

Sometimes, I'm fortunate enough to feel it or to capture this magic in my photos. It becomes a special part of my work, something I can rely on when I'm feeling down or my fate starts to disappear. It reminds me that this magic exists, even if I can't always see or feel it because some distractive thoughts or ideas cloud my mind. But no matter what, my soul always remembers its presence, waiting to be rediscovered...



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