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About me and photography

My interview for I decided to place it here in case it can be interesting for you to investigate a little in story of my photography.

Tell us about your background and journey?

I was born in Moscow, Russia. From the very childhood I was interested in creating something new, creativity in all forms.

Therefore, after finishing highschool, I chose an art university for further education. While there I majored in costume design. And after graduation, I worked as a graphic designer, created website mockups, signs, 3D objects and interiors.

In short, my work has always been associated with the creation of something that does not yet exist. And this is what always interested me.

Then I got carried away with the creation of dolls, which is a huge and amazing world in and of itself that captured my attention and inspiration for quite a while. I loved not only creating dolls, but also photographing them.

And looking back, I understand that photography was and has always been in my conscious life. I have always gravitated towards creativity, making something new, non-existent, so photography became the best tool for me to capture and implement my ideas.

What inspired you to pursue photography?

At different times, photography reflected different goals and needs of my life.

At first, I was just interested in watching and observing the world through a camera lens. Later on, photography became an opportunity for me to capture and preserve significant events of my life. I always wanted to do it beautifully and aesthetically, and never stopped looking for ways to improve it. Soon after, photography turned into an opportunity for me to help people preserve their important moments. This is how I became a commercial photographer. Now photography is an essential tool for me that allows me to be creative, to rediscover this world every time and produce something unique and beautiful.

I don't consider myself just a photographer, but rather a creative person, artist and transformer. In my photographs, I not only shoot, but also think over the location, create clothes and props. But the photographing process itself is also very important - this is my connection with the universe. I can plan a photoshoot, but I never really know what the final result will be. And this unknown and unpredictable aspect of it makes photography even more attractive to me.

What themes and subjects attract you the most?

I love photographing people outdoors, for example in a forest, park, by a river or lake. Nature always inspires me and creates a fascinating environment for photos.

For every photoshoot I try to find something new. I don't really like shooting in popular places. Although they can be very attractive for photos. It is much more interesting and important for me to find something unusual, hidden from others and show it in my own way.

I really love to experiment with light, this is what gives me huge inspiration, an impulse for my interest.

Also night photography helps me a lot with this. It seems like the evening lifts the curtain to the other world and allows me to see ordinary things in a different way.

What thought process do you follow before planning a shoot?

Every photoshoot starts with an idea. But this is not necessarily something complicated or extravagant. Anything can be the basis of shooting. For example, a beautiful dress, interesting props, a light effect, or some inspiring place. When I have that basis I can move forward to create and gather other details. The main things that I consider before any shoot are a model, clothes, props, a place and a time. Everything must be prepared and thought out before we go to the session.

What details make the best photographs?

I think there are no clear boundaries or rules that work for everyone.

For me, there are two aspects to this issue - technical and creative.

For the technical aspect of it the composition, light, correct exposure, sharpness are very important.

And for the creative side of the issue we want to get a certain mood of a photograph and think of a story that is being told.

Who is your favorite photographer and why?

There are lots of talented photographers, but the one whose work looks very inspiring to me is Tim Walker, his pictures are not so much about photography as they are about creativity and the creation of a new vision of this world.

How do you keep yourself inspired and motivated?

The constant learning and development helps me to stay motivated.

But it’s never enough. I want to learn more not only about photography but also about the world in general. And of course, photography itself gives me a huge terrain for creativity. I always want to try other effects in lighting, find new places, meet new people and create new photos.

What tips and advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

Practice and listen to your inner voice.

Disconnect from social networks and observe yourself - what is interesting, what is inspiring. Analyze why today's photo session seems more successful than yesterday's.

Which is your favorite book and why?

It's hard for me to point out any particular book. I am constantly evolving and at the same time the books that I like and inspire me change. But if you want to read something from Russian fiction, then I would definitely recommend Ivan Turgenev. I love his style, manner of writing. The way he describes nature, people, events and moods is very picturesque and vivid.


Thank you for being with me!✨


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