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Everything we allow into our lives - what we engage in, how we feel, and how we react - all the experiences we go through will inevitably influence our creativity. That's why it's crucial to find our true passions and try to avoid unnecessary distractions.

Look for what genuinely interests you and constantly surround yourself with inspiration.

What topics capture your interest? What thoughts occupy your mind during your free time? What kind of story would you like to create? Not because society, your followers, or your parents expect it. Not because it's popular or gets lots of likes. Do it because you genuinely want to.

Search for your own path.

Discover activities that bring you joy. If you find yourself doing something that doesn't inspire you, find creative ways to approach it. Along your journey, always take a moment to reflect on yourself. Even if it seems like things aren't going the way you want them to or you feel like you're lacking compared to others, remember that you have been given many valuable things. Just take a closer look.

Imagine that each of us is initially given our own set of tools and materials, with which we can construct endless unique and marvelous creations. However, sometimes we start to overlook our set, considering it uninteresting and ordinary, and we begin to admire what others have built. We marvel at their skill and think that maybe we're missing something, that we aren't ehough.

Then we start to borrow elements, ideas, methods, and conclusions from others, trying to apply them to ourselves. Sometimes, others may even persuade us that these things are meant for us and that we absolutely need them. It's neither good nor bad, but always remember that no one knows what's best for you except yourself. Keep listening to your inner voice.

Life is complex and doesn't fit into neat categories of black and white, success or failure. The one who can truly listen to themselves and make the most of their own unique abilities will ultimately succeed.

And, yes, it's possible that our creations may bear some resemblance to others in certain aspects, but if we refrain from comparing them and instead focus on building our own creations, day by day, step by step, soon everyone will have their own extraordinary and incomparable masterpieces.


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